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There are different factors defining the cost of website:

  • Domain name cost
  • Web hosting cost
  • The type of navigation links, you would like to have.
  • The online forms, how many, and how many fields are required.
  • The custom-made graphics for the header or/and logo.
  • How many pages are required?
  • HOw many photos do we need to insert?
  • Are you inserted in videos or some kind of photo effects?
  • Are we optimizing the website?
  • Are you supplying all your text?
  • And, the list can go on...
To sum this up, you figure out what you need in a website, you set up a website budget and give us a call or/and shop for the right website pricing, you can afford. Get a feel for the web consultant you are talking to and ask your questions.

Call us and that will be the end of your worries!
Hosting Cost

The Cost of Web Hosting depends on the size and type of site, the technology used, the bandwith, if it is a dedicated server or not, and some other factors. The cost can be as low as $7.95 a month. There is cheap, cheap out there, but beware of low, low cost website hosting, or free website hosting. Cheap Web Hosting has some disadvantages such as limited bandwidth. That can affect your website traffic as well as restricting search engine crawls. Cheap Web Hosting also limits you in storage space and some Cheap Hosting Plans don't allow online forms. Keep this in mind.

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